Souther Frequency Club (2011)

Self Production

Publishing: CBM Brugger & Co. KG

Soundtrack 04:36
Everything’s Alright 03:50
Pan 03:25
Yes 04:40
Frank 03:04
Box Song 04:27 canzone per Massimo
The Clown 03:21
Blue Happiness 03:28
Longing 03:29
Hey Dao 02:40
Lupin 03:56
Night Dream 03:50
Chok Di 02:43
Dreamworld 01:34

Produced by Luca Gallina
Vocal production by Larry Chaney
Recorded at Gallo’Studios, Lonato, Italy_
Vocals and Larry’s guitars recorded at Jamb Kitchen Studios, Wimberley, Texas
Drums recorded in Monzambano, Italy by Stefano Stefanoni Mixed and mastered by Carlo&Andrea Poddighe at Poddighe’s Studios, Brescia, Italy

Artwork by Giuseppe De Chirico

All songs written by Gallina/Lee ©

Elizabeth Lee vocals and percussion
Luca Gallina guitars
Luca Manenti baritone guitar
Federica Zanotti drums